PLC and SCADA for Landfill Gas

We have been away from our website for a bit, but that’s because we’ve been busy on new projects for our customers. One of them is a green energy project that we’re proud to be involved with: a landfill gas plant built by SCS Energy. The plant is owned by the University of California, and is a part of their efforts to reduce their emissions and become carbon neutral by 2025. The UC is a large natural gas consumer, consuming approximately 14 million BTU per year at their 10 campuses, 5 medical centers, and 6 cogeneration plants. Their use of
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NextGen Barcode Configurator from Tactical Controls

We have just finished the development of our NextGen Barcode Configurator System here at Tactical Controls.  The new system we developed is based on hardware platforms from Microscan and Allen-Bradley.  It is very cost effective and can be used to implement labeling verification in any industry that needs to verify the codes. We used the new MicroHAWK line of Barcode Readers from Microscan, which are based on imaging technology.  The system can interface to both Ethernet and Serial Barcode Readers depending on the needs of the customer. Here are a few of the benefits of the system when implemented on
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Barcode Systems from Tactical Controls

Here at Tactical Controls we have a lot of experience with Barcode Systems and the implementation of systems that are used on production lines.  One of our biggest systems has been used by Campbell’s Soup for the last 12 years in all of their production facilities and is their standard system for verifying that the correct product has the proper label applied to the can.  We won an award from Wonderware for this system at the Wonderware Conference in 2009.   Food labeling has been a very important aspect of our business and is personal for me since I have
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